Thursday, 25 September 2008

Hello from France

Hello everybody,
We are the pupils from the secondary school “Condorcet”, it’s located in a town called Lens in the North of France (Pas-De-Calais). We are about twenty pupils, fifteen years old and we work in this European class to improve our English skills. Our School is very big, there are three different levels, 2nd, 1er and Terminal where you pass an exam called baccalaureat. It’s our first year of study in this School, so we are in 2nd. Other than English, we also study subjects like: French, History, Maths, Physics, Geography…
In our Euro-English class, we are all working together on common the subject “Domestic wastes”. We are very happy to work with you, which is why we are writing on this blog to communicate ideas.
Thank You ! And enjoy your visit ;-)
The 2d3 euro group


ln said...
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Benoît said...

very nice project, guys!!