Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Objectives of the partnership

To develop a responsible mature attitude toward waste

2. To understand that both environment, ways of production and living conditions are in close mutual dependency

3. To highlight the tight relationship among waste and health, physical welfare, cleaning, social welfare.

4. To inquire at both personal and collective level the material value of waste as resource.

5. Understand that waste inspired works of artists

6. Read, produce and understand brochures, various depliants, schemes, graphs, work tables using ICT tools

7. Scientific area objectives:

a.To know what is waste and where you can find it

b. To know the natural cycle of biodegradable waste.

c. To know and classify the waste

d. To understand risks of the non-recycling the waste

e. To understand the importance of waste as a resource

8. To recognize changes occurred in life habits comparing some aspects of actual life against that of grandfathers or great grandfathers.

9. To distinguish the participation of the man that negatively afflict the exploitation of waste.

10. To know local agencies which operate on the territory for processing of waste

11. Excursions in the territory and documentation.

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