Sunday, 5 October 2008

Lille, a big city in the north of France

We're going to talk about lille , this is the biggest city of '' nord-pas-de-calais '', there are about 224 900 inhabitants. Lille is a university town, lots of poeple all over the europe come to Lille to study.. Lille is a big financial center, lots of people from all over the world go to lille, in lille there is a '' TGV '' station, this is speed train. In Lesquin, next to lille, there is an airport. From Lille we can go to Paris ( the capital of France ) with '' TGV '' that takes 1hour and that cost about 40€-50€
The center of Lille
We go in lille for the shopping, we go there from the station of Lens it takes about 30 minutes and that cost about 7€, In lille there are lots of shops, for example next to the station there is a big shopping center that calls Euralille.
To do shoping you can also go in the center of Lille for example in ‘‘Galeries lafayette '' or in '' Printemps '' these are very famous shops. To travel in the town we can use the subway or the tramway.

Galeries Lafayettes

Lille was the European capital of culture in 2004. In Lille there are lots of museums like the '' Tripostal '' or '' Les Beaux Arts “ cinĂ©mas, theaters. That is a concert hall where famous singers sing. Lille is an historic town with old district but that a modern city too. In lille there is a big team of football it is called '' LOSC ''
written by Elise and Benjamin

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