Sunday, 5 October 2008

The Louvre Lens

LOUVRE-LENS the second larger museum in FRANCE
Brief pesentation:
The Louvre-Lens is an antenna of the museum of the Louvre which will be located at Lens in the Pas-de-Calais. The new building will accommodate semi-permanent exposures representative of the whole of the collections of the museum of Louvre, renewed regularly. It will also accommodate temporary exhibitions of national or international level. The new establishment, the known as Louvre-Lens will have the statute of “museum of France” and will be placed under the authority of the public corporation of the museum of Louvre. Its opening is planned for the end of 2010 for the public but will be surely finished for spring 2010.

The site of the Louvre-Lens future is in the middle of the city,
on a slightly elevated ground.
It will be built on the green area
in the center of this photograph.

Let us begin our visit with the entry located on the line of the air sight .

A way in the trees leads to a large cleared ground.

This ground was arranged to allow the visit and to give itself an idea of the extent of the project.

Explanatory panels were planted.

written by Boualem

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