Monday, 6 October 2008

our school

Our high school is called « Condorcet ».
It is composed of 4 buildings in shape of “U ”, every building has 3 floors, there are eight classrooms by floor, a gymnasium and a refectory at the bottom of the playground.

There are two entrances , one for the pupils and the other for the teachers.
There is a green area in the playground to lengthen ourself.
The building C is reserved for the sciences subjects and at the first floor is MDL, in French that mean “ Maison des jeunes”: it’s a classroom when the pupils have free times, the B for the administration but the CDI is in too, in French “ Centre de documentation et d’informations ” it’s a classroom where we can read and search informations, the A is for the other subjects, the D for the infirmary.
In English we must make a quizz about the European union, we learn the 5 competences: the interaction , the oral production, the oral comprehension, the write production and the write comprehension.
this is the pupils entrance

the playground
The teacher’s entrance

this is the gymnasium

the (CDI)
written by eddy and guillaume

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